The popular Channel 4 programme 'A Place in the Sun' has gone up
market and is producing a one-off special show that will deal with
finding  luxury properties over £1,000,000.

Presenter Amanda Lamb will take the successful househunters on a
premium property search in their chosen European destination,
following whatever exacting requirements they may have. The filming
will take place over one week in late August. Within the finished
programme we will also refer to available properties in this price
bracket elsewhere in Europe - from Cannes to Lake Como, Marbella to

If you are looking for property in Europe within this price range and
would be interested in taking part in the programme, or if you already
own a property in Europe that's worth a million or more and would be
happy to talk about your experience of buying/selling abroad, then
contact the Associate Producer Simon Keating on 0161 235 6560 or are happy to assist vendors or buyers in contacting channel 4.