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INITIAL GUIDANCE Always use a lawyer in property transactions, there are absolutely no exceptions. All the advertisers and sponsors on our site are eager to answer your questions and queries but please prepare yourselves a little first, decide before you contact them how much you want to spend, most agents in particular do not respond well to the words send me details on everything. Try to decide on the basics of the property you are looking for before you call, i.e. how many bedrooms, do you want your own garden, a pool, coastal or countryside, the region of interest and which town in particular. If you decide to ignore the cheap inspections offered by the agents and builders, ensure you get lots of good maps and have reliable transport arranged. Allow lots of time for getting lost or distracted, we hear from numerous buyers spending a week or two in Spain who return having only viewed a few properties. We recommend you buy from a local agent as their knowledge comes free to purchasers and is invaluable in the long run, twinned with this you normally get to see more for your flight money. They also make great chauffeurs often wining and dining potential purchasers in the hope to secure that valuable sale.

Use our property viewer buttons below to allow you to see what's on offer across the whole of Spain, as a guide we only display properties from our reputable property partners leaving you in safe hands. Book your inspection trip today online (click here).

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Below we give links to some agents operating in Spain, the ones featuring banners come with our Quality Approval. For an area by area breakdown of who operates where go back to our main page and click on the area of interest. Happy Hunting.
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