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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for approaching Overseas Property Online and considering us in helping you find the freehold property of your choice. We sincerely hope that once you are settled in your new home, you will have many happy years there.

Because buying a property can be a daunting prospect especially in another country, please read the following F.A.Q. to give you some idea of the services and guidance available to you from your first application right through to the purchase of your property and beyond.

1. What is an inspection visit ?

2. Will there be enough time to make up my mind ?

3. What sort of people buy property abroad ?

4. Are properties for permanent or holiday residence ?

5. Can I take a trip even though I'm not read to buy ?

6. When I see the property I want, what will happen then ?

7. What if I don't like any properties, the area, or the agent ?

8. What about after sales service ?

1. What is an inspection visit ?
You would never consider buying a property from simply looking at a few photographs, where ever the property was. Besides the property itself, you need to see what is next door to it, in front and behind. The right location can be just as important as the property itself for your own interests and lifestyle.
The inspection visit starts at one of the major airports, and we try to arrange it, if possible, local to your home. You will be met at the airport and accompanied to the country of our choice by one of
Overseas Property Online's representatives, who will look after you during the visit. On arrival you will be taken to a hotel which the agent / developer has booked for your stay. After settling into your hotel, you will be taken to the agents office, introduced to him, and he will explain in detail the process of purchasing a property, the legal requirements etc. He will have previously received details from us of the type of property you are looking for, your leisure interests etc. and over the next 4-5 days will show you a selection of their properties. As you will be viewing several different properties, we strongly recommend comfortable shoes. Dress during the day is casual, and smart casual in the evenings. Remember the climate difference between the U.K. and Europe, but at least one warm item of clothing is advised at any time of the year, even if only used on return to the U.K.

2. Will there be enough time to make up my mind ?
Plenty, probably much more than you need. You may know from your own experience, it can take only a few minutes to decide if you like a property, and several hours to decide if you like the area !
In most cases, a property in the U.K. can cost as much as three times that of a freehold property in Spain for example. Each area is usually select and self-contained and can easily be explored by car in a few hours giving you ample time to get a feel for the area during your visit.
Many people find a suitable property very quickly, a few take the full length of the visit as the choice is very comprehensive. In either event our representative will always be available to you during our stay and the local agent will be at your disposal to advise, inform and help you through each step of the process.

3. What sort of people buy properties abroad ?
Virtually everyone ! With such a wide range of properties, style, price and leisure interests, people from all walks of life are now attracted to other countries. Many places are now within easy reach of the U.K. Spain, for example, with its healthy atmosphere, relaxed lifestyle, lower cost of living, and of course its warmer climate, has a great deal to offer and attract people. If you are considering living in Spain permanently or or for the winter months, you may not want to be in the commercialized parts which attract the "bucket and spade" brigade. However, if you are purchasing a property to rent out as a business for holidays, you need to consider how attractive the area is for tourists. The majority of our clients are those with exclusive tastes who require only the best
4. Are properties for permanent or holiday residence ?
Both. However, more and more people are purchasing properties for permanent residence, either now or for the future. Developments for residency are often different from those for holiday investments, but because of the fact find information we have completed with you during our initial meeting, our contacts will know what your requirements are in advance so that you are not wasting any time looking at properties or areas which we know are not suitable. We will help and advise whenever we can on the best choice of requirements, for example your leisure interests are very important, and will also be taken into consideration as to how convenient and accessible they are from your new home. In addition, because of the warm climate you spend much more time outdoors, utilizing the balcony, patio or garden and may feel that a smaller property is sensible and better suited. Our top priority is to help you find a property where you can make a decision which you will be happy about for years to come, and of course, one which is structured to meet your own budget and financial circumstances.
5. Can I take a trip even though I'm not read to buy ?
Property agents and developers market their properties in many other countries. Even if you have seen a property you liked on an inspection visit, but were not in a position to proceed with the purchase for several months, the is no guarantee it will still be on the market even a few weeks after your visit. Inspection visits are designed for the serious property purchaser only, not for people looking for a subsidized holiday. If you are not interested in a buying a property the time spent would be boring arduous, and a waste of your time and ours. The best time to arrange an inspection visit is when you are ready to purchase a property and you know the finance is available to you.
6. When I see the property I want, what will happen then ?
A good question and a very important one. When you find the property you really like a deposit of 10% or £2000 (depending on the agents terms) in the form of a U.K. bank or building society draft will remove the property from the market. This is payable directly to the agent, not Overseas Property Online. Stage payments are then arranged to a mutually convenient timetable and reservation contracts drawn up. In the unlikely event, you decide not to purchase a property, you then simply pay your draft back into your bank or building society on your return to the U.K.
7. What if I don't like any properties, the area, or the agent ?
Don't worry. There is no obligation for you to purchase at all if you are not completely satisfied with everything. There will be no pressure on you at any time. Several of our non-buyers have recommended us to others because of the high standard of service we offer. The choice is yours and yours alone. Should you have any complaints about the agent or his dealings with you, because we have accompanied you and introduced you to him, we will always be available to represent you throughout your visit. It is in our best interest to ensure that you are treated with respect, and are completely happy and satisfied with all the arrangements.
8. What about after sales service ?
During the inspection visit the agent will explain about the local area and services.
They will inform and arrange if necessary:
  • Car hire at the best rates.
  • Title deeds procedure.
  • Payment of utility bills.
  • Bank accounts.
  • Maintenance of property, gardens and pools.
  • Medical, household and car insurance.
  • Property rental, resale's, cleaning and preparation.

Please contact us for availability, costs, trips to other destinations and further details.

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