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Helsinki, founded on June 12, 1550. While many big cities have a limited number of parks. In Helsinki, parks can be found behind almost every corner. Even in the most densely built districts of the city centre have dense parklands to liven up the landscape. Symmetrical wide streets make finding any address a relatively easy task so property hunting is easy on foot. The city's two main designers ' Johan Albrecht Ehrenström and Carl Ludvig Engel. Ehrenström´s symmetrical street pattern with its wide streets and multitude of parks was ahead of its time. Engel designed over 30 public buildings in Helsinki as well as a great number of private houses. All these buildings, especially the fabulous historical centre, have had a huge impact on all later real estate developments in Helsinki and Finland as a whole.

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Helsinki is divided into a total of 54 districts. Some of these districts are often counted as one, and sometimes the city is merely divided into the centre and the suburbs. Property varies wildly though between areas.

Helsinki opens up to the sea. Most of the shoreline has no major property on it. The shoreline itself has been constructed in several places to open up the natural surroundings. This feature has made the sea a palpable presence throughout the city.

Helsinki has great real estate architecture and stunning nature. Spectacular property around the Senate Square, the functionalistic silhouettes of the Olympic Stadium and the Lasipalatsi.

Esplanade Park and Eira´s parklands to the natural splendour of the Central Park and Sibelius park, are parks for all tastes at all locations.

Eira, Ullanlinna and Kaivopuisto are all respected districts full of parks, historical property and great real estate opportunities. Kaivopuisto´s lovely parks feature large and hugely expensive houses and embassies. This district is popular among bankers and diplomats so real estate is highly desirable and probably some of the ost sought after of all Finland's areas.

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Punavuori and the slightly more northern district of Kallio are traditionally working men´s districts so property is cheaper here.

The respected district of Töölö is full of old apartment type property, which, though densely packed, are beautiful. Apartments in these buildings are highly sought-after and great real estate investments.

Kamppi is a densely populated district that stretches from the Central Railway Station to the Cable Factory. Kamppi features the city´s most important services and excellent traffic connections, but also a number of sights, such as Kiasma and the Ruoholahti villas, historic wooden buildings that are some of the oldest in the city.

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