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Europe's Spiritual Home

There are many beutiful properties in Greece, and some fantasric real estate opportunities.

As the centre of the classical world, and a conqueror's prize even during its periods of decline, the city trafficked in ideas so abundantly that good many civilizations might be supposed to have received their wisdom via ancient Athens. The best and brightest of Macedonians, Babylonians, Persians, Phoenicians, Punjabis and numerous other peoples knew and respected Athens, and contributed their own cultural bounty in turn. Warfare, commerce and alliances stimulated the absorption of eastern ideas by the West and vice versa, much of it through the medium of one Greek City.

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Modern Athens is familiar and foreign all at once, like an ancestral home that has been renovated many times. It remains a concoction of cultures, every face and echo of other lands. Though Athens has certainly kept pace with the progress of the few millennia since its founding, it is impossible for visitors to escape the awareness that the ground is suffused with history. The Acropolis, which towers above Athens and hosts the iconic Parthenon, has been occupied since Neolithic times; by the beginning of the first millennium BC the city was already prosperous. Such longevity provides so grand a context for present-day events that even the most mundane matters are imbued with significance.

If it is conceivable, Athens has experienced it: tyrannical rule and egalitarian struggle; esoteric spirituality and hard-edged rationalism; soaring conquest and humiliating defeat. Its distinction as the birthplace of democracy is justified, though the city, as with Greece in general, has often endured the rule of leaders less than committed to the democratic ideal. Athens' reputation for fostering philosophy and higher learning is likewise deserved, as exemplified by the pagan academies that were shut down in the sixth century AD, 1000 years after the death of Socrates.

Athens has only recently been able to recoup from a turbulent half-millennium. Nearly 400 years of Turkish rule ended in 1821 and 120 years later the Nazis occupied Greece; in 1944 a communist revolution laid the groundwork for a protracted civil war, which in turn resulted in brutal rule by a military junta known as "The Colonels." Since 1974, however, democracy has prevailed in the country that gave it a name.
If Athens is less the centre of the world today, then it has at least lost none of its capacity to remind us of its past generosity.

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