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City of Luxembourg - Area Information:

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg has many great opportunities to buy property, in fact real estate here is much sought after.

When Luxembourg's founder laid the city's first stone back in the tenth century, he chose his spot carefully. Sigefroid, as he was known, decided to perch his fortress on a daunting rock, and it soon became known as one of Europe's most impregnable towns. Nowadays the city's warlike history has given way to a more relaxed, cosmopolitan present, and, as a visitor there, you will be joined by many of Europe's business and political elite.
Sigefroid's canny choice of location was a jutting promontory known as the Bock, and it's here that you will find most of the town's historical gems. Clamber around the underground "casemates", a labyrinth of defensive passageways that helped forge Luxembourg's impressive military reputation.

Please read our guide to buying and selling property in Luxembourg.

The casemates were built by the ruling Spanish in the 17th century and, 300 years later were put to good use as bomb shelters in World War II. Stroll down from the Bock along the Chemin de la Corniche (known as the "finest balcony in Europe") and you will find yourself on the Citadelle du St. Esprit. Enjoy the spectacular view of the lower town and the surrounding river valleys, before taking the "Wenceslas Circular walk" around the oldest parts of the town. This picturesque stroll takes in the Rham plateau, with its famous 16th century gate, and the 18th century Fort Thungen. Long before Sigefroid founded "modern" Luxembourg, the Romans had marked the site out as a key strategic point. Wander around the Fish Market area, where two major Roman roads met over two thousand years ago. Very close to this historical crossroads, a watchtower was erected in the 4th century, emphasizing once more the city's status at the centre of Europe.

In the twentieth century, multilingual Luxembourg has continued to enjoy political and cultural centrality. The seeds of the modern day EU were first planted in Luxembourg when, in 1952, the European Community for Coal and Steel was created there. This centrality has lead to great prosperity in the area - evidenced by the high standard of living and the many financial institutions in the capital. Stroll across the Pont Adolphe from the sleepy old town and you will find yourself in a slick modern European capital. In spite of Luxembourg's laid-back façade, leading politicians and businesspeople can be found congregating in the city all year round. For you, though, it's the seamless combination of new and old, and an unbeatable selection of panoramic views that will make Luxembourg a city to warm the cockles of your heart

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