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Buying Property in Turkey

Urban population:44,006,274 (64,9% of total)

Rural population:23,797,653 (35.1% of total)

Currency:Turkish lira (TL) 1 euro=1.619.000 TL

On Europe’s door and within reach of Asia, Turkey is a land of contrasts. A land of mosques, minarets, kebaps, of exotic eastern bazaars, the mystery of the sultan's harem and shady-looking characters puffing on hubble-bubbles. Stepping off the plane in Istanbul such preconceptions are immediately strained as you're shepherded through a glittering new terminal, dazzled by acres of pale marble.

Istanbul the city of history, the former capital of three important empires, the Roman, the Byzantine and the Ottoman.
Old Ottoman mansions, luxury, first and tourist class hotels. You may visit Agia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar and many more.

In Turkey you can scale the icy heights of remote Mount Ararat in search of Noah’s Ark, cross the historic Euphrates and Tigris rivers, follow in the footsteps of St Paul or simply relax on the golden Mediterranean sands of Patara beach.

In Turkey, you can also cruise along more than 620 miles (1000km) of Mediterranean coastline, past secluded coves, rocky headlands and pretty fishing villages, or explore a hinterland rich in the wonderfully preserved remains of Graeco-Roman cities such as Ephesus. The beauty of the Anatolian plateau, the surreal rock-chimney landscape of Cappadocia and the atmospheric ruins of the Hittites.

Alanya Turkey, The Turkish Riviera

Alanya is split into two parts, Eski (the Old) and Yeni (the New).

Eski Alanya was founded on the top of the high peninsula dividing the county into two. The castle overviewing the town on both sides is the most pronounced landmark. The castle walls going up for 5 km to the Inner Castle on the hill which was initially built during the Hellenistic period but raised further, fortified and furnished with 110 towers during the Seljukid period.Arap Evliyasi which was built as a church in the 11th century and then converted into a mosque; the Süleymaniye Mosque, the Bedesten (market place) beside the mosque, resored and now used as a restaurant,bar and hotel, Ehmendek where the commander of the castle resided, little houses of Alanya remaining from the Seljuks and the Ottomans, Aksebe Sultan Masjid and Tomb.

Yeni Alanya extends towards both the east and west of the peninsula. The beach beginning in the Antalya direction and interrupted for a while by the peninsula extends towards Gazipaa. This area constitutes the main developmental area of Alanya. Growing particularly during the last decade with hotels, pensions and private residences which line the main road parallel to the beach.

Bodrum Turkey

The busy town of Bodrum offers much to do and see, but those interested in relaxing in more subdued environment, over a dozen tranquil lie nearby. The coast of the Bodrum Peninsula is speckled with a wide variety of villages and quiet bays, ranging from the sleepy fishing village charm of Gumusluk to the commercial excitement of Gumbet. The Bodrum Peninsula is situated on the South-West coast of Turkey. The coastline, famed for its crystal clear waters, is 174 km.s long and surrounded by many big and small islands. Swimmers and snorkellers will enjoy the deep blue waters crowded with living sponges, star fish and tropical colored fish.

The central harbour is surrounded by shops, cafes, bars and hotels, and dominated by the 15th century historical site of the Castle of St Peter.


Istanbul Atatürk International Airport, DHM, Istanbul Yesilkoy 34830
Country Code: 90
Telephone: (0)212 663 6262
Fax: (0)212 663 6250
E-mail: oksan.kirogullari@tav.com.tr
Web site: www.dhmiata.gov.tr

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