Buying real estate in Germany

When you have found your property and agreed a selling price, a solicitor/lawyer or notary is required to carry out the legal work and contract obligations, checking that no liabilities exist when you buy real estate in Germany.
On completion of the sale, the title deeds are registered with local land registry enabling the title to transfer to the new owner.

Solicitor / Lawyer

A solicitor/lawyer who specialises in conveyance work would normally carry out all the legal work on your behalf, a public notary can also be used.


You would expect to pay a total around 6-7% of the buying price, which comprises of the transfer tax of 2% and notary fee of about 1.5%. The Real Estate Agents fees vary up to 5-6% and would ordinarily be split between the buyer and seller.

Property Tax

Land tax is charged in Germany to cover local services and is rated usually below the current market value and would be around 1% of the rateable value. Non-residents are subject to wealth tax on property owned in Germany of around 0.5%.


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