Buying real estate in Greece

A deposit of 10-30% (normally 10%) is paid after an agreement to buy is signed which should include buying price details and due completion date, which varies but can be done in under a month. The balance of the purchase price is payable on signing the purchase deed before a public notary in Greece. The notary will check that your property has the clear title before completing the sale agreement. They will charge around 1-2% of the property value to do this.

Solicitor / Lawyer

They will act on your behalf in payment of any local taxes and register the property deeds with the Land Registry as freehold. Solicitor/lawyers fees are usually 1% of the properties value with a fraction charged on top for properties exceeding a certain value.


The fees for buying a property in Greece total 15 -20%. Purchase tax is charged depending on the properties value at between 9-11%, in addition 2% is charged on top for properties located in cities. Land registry fees should be about 0.3% of the assessed value plus a small sum for stamp duties and certificates. Real Estate agent's fees are usually paid by the vendor.

Property Tax

Generally quite low, from 0.25% of the property's declared value annually. This will cover local services. A community tax of around 3% of the property transfer tax is paid to the local municipality for general public services.


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