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The city centre of Brussels is basically pentagonal, and all roads lead to the centre of tourism, the Grand Place where real estate is at a premium but property of a high standard.

Brussels is divided into 19 districts and two languages. The hub of Brussels is the Grand Place, which can be reached by tram. There is wonderful city with the surrounding streets, named after the foods, which relate to the food markets once held in this area, real estate here is much sought after.

The city has a number of interesting areas for real estate, which are easily reached using public transport or short walks.

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District of Anderlecht, reached by Metro, you will find a number of interesting places to visit such as the Erasmus House, Church of Saint Peter and Saint Guidon and an old Béguinage.

Ixelles is a fairly quiet and tranquil part of busy Brussels. The beautiful Bois de la Cambre (forest), parks, ponds, and the Abbey de la Cambre are to be found here.

In the area between De Broukère and Place Rogier there is the Rue de Matheus. This area contains City 2 shopping centre, the largest of Brussels and Bourse, the stock exchange of Brussels, the Fish Market, Church de Notre Dame de Finistère and Church of Sainte-Catherine.

De Broukère is the commercial and entertainment centre of Brussels with many seafood restaurants.

The south-eastern part of the city is called the upper city real estate is plentiful in this area and many opportunities arise for property hunters. Located here are the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Place Royale, Palais de Justice Parliament and Parc de Bruxelles, which is the primary park in this district.

Avenue Louise is the Rodeo Drive or Champs Elysées of Brussels and carries many prestigious real estate opportunities and could be said to being one of the great Belgium real estate areas. If you continue walking along the Avenue Louise you'll come to the Bois de la Cambre, the largest park of Brussels; Rue de Loi leads you then to the EEC Building and the Cinquantenaire, a 90 acre park just outside of the bounds of the city centre.

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