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Real Estate Spain - Spanish Identification Number (NIE)

According to a Royal Decree 388-1990 that was passed requiring any person, company, association or other body with any economic interest in Spain, including the ownership of property, to obtain a tax identification number which must be produced in various:

  1. When opening an account or depositing any assets with a bank in Spain. This applies to current accounts, deposits accounts, loan accounts, mortgages, etc.
  2. When taking out any sort of Insurance, including house insurance or pension plan with a company in Spain.
  3. When bing invoiced by supplier of goods or services. This means that if a property owner does not have an identity number, then he will not be able to contract for electricity or telephone services.
  4. When drawing up a lease of property in Spain, and in any transaction requiring the intervention of a notary, i.e. purchase and sale, mortgages, declaration of new work.
  5. When buying or selling Spanish stocks, shares or bonds.
  6. In any correspondence of other dealings with the Tax Authorities. The payment of rates like (contribución urban) falls into this category.


  1. By attending at any police station in Spain, in person, with your passport and two passport size photographs or,
  2. We can obtain it for you by applying to the Spanish Authorities on your behalf, who will require the following: photocopy of your passports and two passport size photographs, your occupation, and your maiden name, where applicable, and the name of your parents.
  3. The cost of our services are: 8.000pts. per person (£40.00) for our agents in Spain, and £50 plus VAT for our fees.



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