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For the past decade, Berlin has been undergoing a major property rebuilding process, which is visible in the new cityscape around Potsdamer Platz and the Eastern city centre.

Berlin is made up of 23 different districts, each with its own unique character and set of real estate.

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Mitte, central district and means "the middle". It contains some of the city's oldest property like Marienkirche and Nikolaikirche in the Nikolaiviertel, as well as many of Berlin's grandest buildings. Museum Island stretches past the imposing Berliner Dom, which has many fountains, past the splendid Crown Princes Palace and the State Opera House, and is crowned by the Brandenburg Gate.

North of the river spree Mitte changes into an area with lots of bars, restaurants, cafés and clubs - the heart of Berlin's nightlife. It is also the district of alternative galleries and artistic experimentation.

To the Northeast of Mitte is Prenzlauer Berg, which is now popular by wealthy West Germans, keen to settle in the charming turn-of-the-century houses around Kollwitzplatz. Prenzlauer Berg also has some of Berlin's best bars, restaurants and clubs and is a great place to go out in the evening.

Friedrichshain, the district to the south of Prenzlauer Berg, is a little run down and was the last area to be cleared of squatters. The area around Simon-Dach-Straße has many alternative bars, cafés and clubs and is a popular spot with students, real estate here can vary in standard and price.

Across the river Spree at Oberbaumbrucke bridge is the renowned Kreuzberg district. Situated next to the Wall in former West Berlin, Kreuzberg became infamous during the 1960s and 1970s as the centre of West Germanys anarchist scene. A large Turkish settlement can be found around Kottbusser Tor and Oranienstrabe and includes lots of alternative bars and cafes.

Schöneberg, a scenic nineteenth century bourgeois quarter, is a popular place to go for an afternoon coffee, an evening cocktail or a bit of night-time partying.

Tiergarten district at Potsdamer Platz boasts an enormous shopping centre (the Arkaden) and entertainment complexes such as the Cinemaxx and Imax. Tiergarten park is full of ponds, grottos and dotted with sculptures and is the venue for the Love Parade

Schöneberg, a scenic nineteenth century bourgeois quarter and a popular place to go for an afternoon coffee.

Berlins "second" city-centre is the triangle between Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Wittenbergplatz and Adenauerplatz and makes up the centre of Western Berlin.

The southwest of the city is the place where wealthy Berliners live. Largely spared during the War, there are plenty of lovely villas in Gruewald, part of the Wilmersdorf district and around Dahlem in Zehlendorf. The area around Lake Wannsee is a particularly popular spot with Berlin's high-society with mooring for the yacht at the bottom of the garden!

Steglitz is friendly, green and clean and has two major attractions: The spectacular Botanical Gardens and the wonderful shopping facilities around Schloßstraße.

Charlottenburgs crowning glory is Charlottenburg Palace, which has fantastic museums at the front as well as the idyllic Schlosspark royal gardens at the back. The Funkturm Tower is a smaller copy of the Eiffel.

On the outskirts of Berlin you will find a wonderful variety of lakes and forests like Grunewald Forest, Lake Tegeler See and Tegeler Forest.

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