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Italy has some fantastic real estate opportunities with property in Rome being some of the finest.

A city so vast and rich in art, monuments and characteristic views with so much history. Rome is not just the capital of Christianity since the IV century, when Constantine granted the freedom of Christianity - but also a meeting place for other religions, evident in the presence of the synagogue, the mosque and the numerous churches belonging to a variety of sects such as: Byzantine, Orthodox and Anglican.

The city extends over the other hills, Quirinale, Viminale, Esquilino, Celio, Aventino and Capitolino.
Quirinale, the highest of the seven, has on its summit, Piazza Omonima, with its colossal statues of the Dioscuri, Castore and the Palazzo del Quirinale, where the president lives.
Next to Quirinale is Viminale hill, smaller in size and crossed by the long Via Nazionale, and dominated by the huge Palazzo delle Esposizioni building.

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To the north is Esquilino. It has three summits, one of, which is Monte Oppio, where you can find the ruins of Domus Aurea.

To the south are Celio and Aventino. Celio is one of the greener and most charming of the seven hills which has many beautiful buildings. Aventino has few inhabitants and is rich in important medieval monuments.

Capitolino, between Palatino and Quirinale, used to be in ancient Rome the religious and political centre of the city. It is dominated by the Michelangelo style Piazza del Campidoglio, a perfectly proportioned with a statue of Marco Aurelio on horseback in the centre. The Capitolino museum has some of the most precious art collections in the world.

North of Rome near the Vatican you will find Aurelio, Prati and Mazzini neighbourhoods, which are more commercial and residential. To the north there is also the elegant Parioli quarter and Nomentano, home to many foreign embassies. Further south are Prenestino and Tiburtino, which are university areas. The students crowd onto the near-by and charming S.Lorenzo with its numerous pizzeria and bars. Trastevere is one of the most charming areas of the city, it is also one of the most crowded areas especially on summer evenings.

South of Rome is one of the most modern neighbourhoods, Eur, a centre for offices and administration centres.

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