Polish property is apparently a hot topic for UK buyers

An increase in the number of UK nationals purchasing property in Poland has been reported.

According to overseas mortgage brokers, property investments in some Polish areas have seen increases in value of up to 20% over the past few months. They predict the trend of foreign nationals buying residential property in the EU state would increase considerably over the next decade.

Commenting on the rising number of enquiries received from UK nationals about Poland, leading borkers said: "What is interesting about this is the rapid growth of this market has led to Polish lenders recognising the lucrative potential of the quality and quantity of mortgage investment from overseas nationals."

They said that as a result of the increase in demand for property in Poland, it had launched new mortgage deals for clients taking out a mortgage secured on property in Poland with a maximum term of 25 years.

Indeed Deutsche Bank's mortgage businesses within the private and business clients sector, they agreed the Polish market had been very buoyant and said it had attracted increased interest from UK investors as well as other foreign investors.

They have said: "The buy-to-let market in both Warsaw and Krakow has been buoyant. We expect growth in the major cities to continue."

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