Removals, sounds easy but is it. Basic answer is NO, acquire the services of professionals and simply get to the airport get on a plane get a cab to your new home and sit back and relax with all your furniture having arrived yesterday. You might fancy hiring a van and casually driving down through France stopping at the odd bed & breakfast crossing the border at the Pyrenees and wandering down through Spain on route to your new home. BUT, what about the M25, the ferry costs!, the French road tolls!, not being able to find accommodation on route!, your van getting stolen with all your furniture in it whilst you are sleeping in that nice little B&B!, and the No.1 nightmare you breakdown your mobile phone is out of range and you walk 10 miles to the nearest phone. Even if you do get there in one piece you have to unload the van having just driven down through Spain, what a pain.

Seriously if you are making the investment of purchasing a property in Spain add a little more to your budget and save yourself all the trouble get in touch with the professionals.

The other method is to sell all your furniture in Britain and simply buy it all again when you arrive, this is normally fairly straight forward subject to the language barrier and waiting in for the delivery men who always blame not be able to find the place on you. You can normally get very good value for money when buying furniture in Spain except on the Costa Del Sol, but the old rules still apply SHOP AROUND.

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