Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, which lie just off the north west coast of Africa. It has something to offer every visitor, whether you come for total relaxation and tranquility amid the breathtakingly varied natural beauty, or seek active days and fun-packed nights in one of the world's most dynamic holiday destinations. Whatever brings you to Tenerife, you can be sure of one thing; if Tenerife hasn't got it, you don't need it!
Situated between 28 and 29 degrees north of the equator in the Atlantic Ocean's subtropical belt and served by the favourable Trade Winds, Tenerife has an incredible climate, with sea level temperatures rarely falling below 20 or rising above 30 degrees Celsius. Its landscape is awesome and despite covering only 2036 square kilometres it boasts many volcanoes including Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain at 3718 metres, which is 40% of the height Mount Everest but no more than 90 minutes drive from the beach in any direction.
As international air travel became easier and more affordable during the 'Sixties, Tenerife soon became recognised as one of the premium European holiday destinations and over the last thirty years tourism in Tenerife has advanced and developed to accommodate the changing trends and demands of holiday makers. These days Tenerife offers everything you could possibly want from a holiday, whether you're young or old, married or single, with or without children.
Sun, sea, sand, snow, volcanoes, walks, drives, scenery, greenery, buildings, churches, lava, seclusion, hustle and bustle, bars, discos, jet skiing, karaoke, fishing, dolphins, whales, mountains, vineyards, deserts, forests, fun pubs, traditional restaurants, international restaurants, marinas, yachts, swimming pools, parascending, casinos, nightclubs, hostess clubs, ballet, theatre, flamenco, museums, excursions, scuba diving, banana plantations, banana rides, parks, gardens, zoo, wildlife, noise, quiet, golf, water skiing, waterfall, bowling, tennis, horse riding, paintball and more.
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