Top European Tourist Destinations

When buying a property abroad you must take into account the popularity of the country and location. This is particularly important if you are planning to let the property; it will also be important when you come to sell the property.

My advice is to buy in a country that is popular with tourists. Spain and France are still the top holiday destinations for British tourists. However recent statistics show that tourism in Eastern Europe is rising sharply. In particular the number of trips to Poland and Bulgaria has increased significantly.

The number of British tourists travelling to holiday destinations abroad is shown below:

1. Spain 13.8 million

2. France 11.6 million

3. USA 4.1 million

5. Italy 2.9 million

6. Greece 2.7 million

7. Germany 2.3 million

8. Turkey 1.1 million

9. Czech Republic 0.7 million

10. India 0.6 million

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