Is Property In Orlando Appreciating?
- Yes, particularly in the 'sought after short-term rental communities'. Florida has historically been appreciating in value and many buyers have found the Sunshine State a great investment?

How Much Must I Put Down As A Deposit?
- It is customary to place $5,000 to secure the homesite during your visit. The remainder of the down-payment (typically 25% of the property value) can follow later.

How Will I Open A Bank Account?
- All you will need is your passport and a credit card.

How Easy Is It To Obtain A Mortgage?
- We will introduce you to Foreign National Specialists who will make it as easy as possible. Usually it is very easy, with the minimum of paperwork required.

How Long Can I Stay In Orlando, Florida?
- And Is It Possible To Work There And Maybe Retire There? The very best way to "get your foot in the door" is to become a "Homeowner" and it is best to speak to your immigration specialist.

How Long Does It Take To Buy A Property In Orlando?
- Usually our clients spend a couple of days in Orlando viewing properties and deciding which one is best for them. We will help you with your choice by advising you on the best deals available at the time and assisting you through the contract negotiations. If the home you select is already built, the whole process typically takes 30 days. If it has yet to be built, the process usually takes about 6 months.

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