Alanya City

Alanya City is growing towards the east. The eastern boroughs merge with the central town of Alanya. Obaköy, Çamyolu, Mahmutlar and Kargıcak can be named as some of the villages and boroughs an Alanya-Gazipaşa way which have already become an integral part of the city. Dimçayı is the first stop east of Alanya. The road turning left before Dimçayı bridge, runs inwards from alongside Dimçayı with murmuring waters and the surrounding green foliage.

Many restaurants can be seen along the road, where chicken, meat and beverages are served. However, if you like to swim and eat alabalık (speckled trout) at the same spot, you should go up to Dimçayı Regulator, 7,5 km from the junction, 500 m past the regulator lies the picnic area by the lake, where you can sit around tables half submerged in water and have a cool dinner.

You can try your hands on rafting at Alraft facilities equipped with the necessary infrastructure. But you should travel 5 km more to reach the place.


Leartes are the ruins of the ancient town of Leartes which partly stand 7 km from Dimçayı and 12 km from the centre of the town. The principal part of the ancient town is located 10 km away on a rocky hill surrounded by the cliffs of the Cebelireis mountain. The ruins in Leartes are thought to remain from the times of the town (Roman) between the 1st and the 3rd centuries AD. Through largely perished, Leartes is worth seeing with its churches, baths, houses, stadium and theatre. The frescoes of the church in the south of the stadium are fascinating.

On the way to Gazipaşa, 30 km from Alanya, you will see the ruins of the ancient town of Lotape across both sides of the road.


Lotape is a Roman town said to have been named after Iotape,the wife of King Antiochus. A road leads you down to the ancient port with a little beach where you can also swim. As you swim among he ruins, you will not be able to keep yourself from the feeling of being pulled back hundreds of years and dream for a while about the way the ancients lived and spent their time in this piece of land.

Dim Cave

Dim Cave is bigger than the Damlatas cave and is believed to be 1 million years old. Dim cave placed in the town Kestel of Alanya. It lies at the south side of the Dim valley. There are two parts of this cave, the left part is 360 m. and the right part is 50 meters. It's the second big cave in Turkey to be opened for visitors. The stalagmite and stalactite walls and coverings becomings at both sides of the road will awaken your amazement. The cave with its drop-shaped precious stones is showing off beauties like the Pamukkale saloon in the west and the mystical lakes in the south at the end of the cave.

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