Ulap Beach

Driving 5 km from the Alanya centre, you will find Karayollary Ulaş Park and Ulaş Beach, one of the most outstanding in the entire region. Tables, fire places, eating areas and public toilets are available. You can photograph Alanya Castle from here, swim or spend the whole day relaxing.

Parapsaham Caravanserail

Towards Manavgat, Şarapsahan is an ancient caravanserail of the Seljuks. With walls and a ceiling of stone which lies on an area of 850 m2 , the history of this caravanserail, which has been preserved quite well, goes back to the years 1236-1246, between which it was commissioned by Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev , son of Alaeddin Keykubat.

Sinek Castle

After Ulaş village, the road departs towards Elikesik village on the right side which leads you to the village after a 7 km travel on the asphalt road. Take a guide with you, for you will need one during your trip. Hamoxia (Fly Castle) Ancient City : On the borders of Elikesik village it has the remains of old houses and walls surrounding a necropolis.


At the 22nd km of Alanya-Antalya motorway there is a town named Avsallar Kasabası (town). The region which starts at Avsallar and continues right up to the Alara stream is called İncekum. The territory is a landscape of pinewoods, cypresses and a fine strip of sand. İncekum region has an architectural appearance with amenities that do not encroach nature but rather are in harmony with it.The campsite and beach which inside the forest is called İncekum, 24 km to Alanya. The region gets its name from this location.


Alanya has many plateau tours organized by the travel agencies with the most widely known and visited plateaux being the Gedevet-Türbelinas plateaux.

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