As you come from Malaga to Marbella, Cala Mijas is the first beach of an extensive sandbank formed by three beaches. It is the beach of the people of Mijas, which is placed in the mountain and that we advise you to visit it since it is of great beauty.

On the foot of the beach there are small houses separated from the sand by a curious paved walk. If you want to go for a walk hereabouts, do it or of tomorrow or when fall down the evening; here it gives very much the Sun.

The beach is easily accessible for disabled. Very comfortable access from the car park to the walk and up to the beach, with wooden footbridges that come up to the showers. It is necessary to emphasize the fishermen's small boats that occupy part of the beach. There is a juvenile hostel in the walk that good rogue has.

Equipment and services: this beach has showers and public toilets, special facilitys for disable, as well as being watched over by life guards in the summer season.

Additional Info:

Type:                          City beach
Size:                           Small (800 m)
Average width:         30 m
Type surface:            Fine sand.
Surge:                        Moderate

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