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The Artola beach in Puerto Banus is due to its location and characteristics as Las Dunas de Artola, this beach is situated in a protected sand dune area, next to the Cabopino Leisure Port.

The Beach is 1.500 m long and 25 m wide, made up by fine sand from the dunes. This beach is a naturist beach, with a medium occupation level,its the favorite beach of Trinett . Within the beach is one of the prettiest Leisure Ports on the Costa del Sol, the port of Cabopino, as well as three beach restaurants and a camp site. Sailing artifacts and waterbikes are available to be rented. The sea is classified as being in good conditions.

The municipal cleaning service carries out the daily maintenance of the beach both manually and mechanically. Equipment and services: this beach has showers and public toilets.

Additional Info:

Type:                   Naturist
Size:                    Medium (1250 m)
Average width:  40 m
Type surface:     Golden sand.
Surge:                 Moderate

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