Marbella's beaches have been cleaned up and 'landscaped' with oases of palms and in some places traditional showers have been replaced with giant elephant statues which spray the Baywatch beauty lookalikes with water from their trunks!

Nagueles Beach
Nagueles Beach is situated next to the Puente Romano Beach. This beach can be an alternative to spend the day and to escape from the concurrent beaches of the city of Marbella.

Casablanca Beach
You can find Casablanca Beach before you arrive in Marbella, if you come from Puerto Banus. Many exclusive villas and apartments around this part.

Fontanilla Beach
Fontanilla Beach is one of the concurred sandy grounds of Marbella. Frequented by the neighbors and tourists, who choose this beach by their comfort and proximity to the large city.

El Faro Beach
El Faro Beach is a small beach that you will find between the sport port of Marbella and the El Faro beach. El Faro Beach is equipped with showers and wood footbridges until the beach.

Venus Beach
Venus Beach is located in the urban area of Marbella, close to the Marbella Sports Port and finalizing at the limit with the Represa River.

Bajadilla Beach
Bajadilla Beach is just before arriving at the fishing port of Marbella, this beach is the continuation of the beach of Venus. Among the services offered are three beach restaurants with sun beds.

El Cable Beach
Usually on weekends you will see lots of football matches in El Cable Beach. The sea from El Cable beach is classified as being in good condition. The beach is very journeyed mainly by the people of the zone.

El Pinillo Beach
The beach of El Cable, extends to the outskirts of Marbella and some 3km, until the mouth of the Real river.

Los Monteros Beach
Moved away of the urban centre of Marbella, and after the Pinillo Beach, this is the beach, within the urbanization of Los Monteros. The Los Monteros beach are rock free with shallow waters.

Alicate Beach
Alicate Beach is an extensive grey sandy beach to be able to give interminable strolls throughout the border.

Real de Zaragoza Beach
Real de Zaragoza Beach is a sandy beach ground located on the feet of Marbella old town.

Vivora Beach
Like the beaches of the zone, Vivora beach is located on the feet of another urbanization (urb. Elviria), and counts on an access through the same one. It is a calm beach, and not visted very often by the public.

Puente Romano Beach
Puente Romano Beach is a small beach gathered in form of bay closed to the sea opened by a false peak, with an inscription. The Beach is located between the Hotel Don Carlos and the Hotel Puente Romano.

Las Canas Beach
On Las Canas beach to the feet of the urban development Selling of Artola, which carry his houses up to the same sand. The sea is classified as being in very good conditions.

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