Between France and Spain, Andorra is becoming a budget version of Monaco or St. Moritz. This tiny principality in the Pyrenees and on the border between France and Spain has set about transforming itself into a playground of spas, ski resorts and shopping centres.
Andorra comprises just a few hundred kilometres of mountains and rivers and has the best skiing in the Pyrenees. During the summer there is also plenty of good hiking in the remote parts of the country.
Tax-free shopping, mountain biking, fishing and skiing are Andorra's main attractions. The country appeals to three types of people: those who seek tax-free shopping and those who love outdoor activities (fishing, camping, hiking, skiing).

Full country name: Principality of Andorra
Area: 450 sq km (175 sq mi)
Population: 66,824
Capital city: Andorra la Vella (pop 22,390)
People: Spanish (61%), Andorran (30%), French (6%)
Language: Catalan, Spanish, French
Religion: Roman Catholic
Government: Parliamentary co-princedom
Co-Princes: Jacques Chirac, Joan Marti Alanis
Executive Council President: Marc Forné Molné

Andorra is becoming an increasingly popular destination for those seeking holiday homes and new way of life


Toulouse Blagnac Airport
31703 Blagnac
Tel: (0033) 5 61 31 38 38.
The airport is located 5mls/8kms north-west of Toulouse.

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