Benidorm's beaches and range of leisure amenities all explain why has it has over the past 30 years become Costa Blanca's main tourist area. Benidorm indeed has some of the best beaches in the world. The fine sand, cleaned daily under the scrutint of the local Ayuntamiento (town hall), the quality and wide range of the services and the transparency of the water are the main reasons given by Benidorm's many visitors. We are not under any circumstances going to tell you that this is everyone's idea of paradise, in fact sometimes it seems that it has more English style pubs and Irish theme bars than the respective places themselves with Fish & Chip bars galore however its massive expat communities from all over Northern Europe and further afield can't all be wrong!

There is a small cove between the Playa de Poniente and the old town centre, known as the Playa del Mal Pas, which is reached from the port or from stairs that descend from the ancient castle. The towns historical centre is located around the Canfali vantage point, some say that this is the most emblematic image of Benidorm with a white stone balcony and vantage point. The neoclassical church dedicated to St James the Apostle is located in this area. The Levante beach can be reached from the Plaza del Castillo either by walking down through the narrow white streets, or through the town's commercial district. The Aiguera Park, designed by Ricardo Bofill, is Benidorm's largest park and divides the town in two. Benidorm's attraction lies in the huge variety of its leisure amenities both daytime and evening, with a wide range of activities for all foreigners and national tourists from mainly Madrid but covering the whole of Spanish mainland, children, teenagers and pensioners.

The property market in Benidorm rarely lets people down on both a holiday home, rental investment and permanent new home basis, with particular interest in the massive holiday rental business that brings very promising returns both in terms of annual percentage growth and yield. We are happy to assist anyone looking to purchase in main town areas and the growing popular semi rural areas of Benidorm district, we are proud to confirm that we have access to ALL properties in the area including direct to the vendor resale market.

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