A traditional Mediterranean village, Rojales is able to combine the most modern services and infrastructure with a respect to the environment and its unique culture. More than 4,000 families from all over the world have chosen Rojales as their home and relax in privileged surroundings. The beach close by borders a splendid lagoon and the landscape is typically agricultural with many fields of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. Rojales enjoys a close affinity with nature and there are ample resources for the nature lover, including the Natural Park of the Lagoons of La Mata and Torrevieja.
The Natural Park of La Mata and Torrevieja is a beautiful moorland. it has an area of 3,700 hectares, of which 2,100 are water. It is a resting place for more than 2,000 specimens of migrating flamingoes, as well as blacknecked "zampullines", avocets etc.

There are three distinct areas in the lagoons; salt marshes, reed/rush beds and undergrowth. The lagoons are an excellent place to explore on a day trip and there is an information office, signposted trails and qualified staff to assist you. The trails are designed to be completed on bicycle or on foot, the route for the bicycle covers 5,200 metres and takes you on a trail through the lagoons and some magnificent views of the Mediterranean. The trail on foot takes you through some of the existing ecosystems. Whichever route you decide to follow it is worth stopping at the pine forest for a look at the saltmarsh.

For many reasons Rojales is a town specialising in leisure activites. It has fully equipped sports facilities which make it possible to practice a wide variety of sports including, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and swimming, along with bowling and Olympic bow shooting. One of the major sports of the Costa Blanca is golf and Rojales has an excellent golf course, The 18 hole course spans 5,840, and has some excellent facilities, including practice courses, golfing school, restaurant and social club. It is frequented by many amateurs and professionals. The town also has an excellent water park on the beautiful Ciudad Quesada Housing Estates. It is a family park where you can spend an amusing and refreshing day while you enjoy its fully equipped water facilities.

Town History

The history of the town dates back from the time of the Moors. They introduced an irrigation system which is still evident in the town today, it effectively redirects the flow of the river Segura to the major irrigation ditches and the Water Wheel. The water Wheel was built at the end of the last century and is protected by monumental stonework to stave off the damages from the river flooding.
One of the most representative symbols of Rojales is the 18th century bridge which is characterised by the workmanship of the stonework. It crosses the segura river using three wide arches.
One of the most interesting features in Rojales are the cave dwellings which date back to the middle of the 19th century. Today there are four districts of cave houses, they are located at the sides of several hills surrounding the south of the town. You can visit the caves of El Rodeo where there is an extensive handicrafts market, it has become a hub of activity where courses, fairs and exhibitions of all things handmade are organised.


Rojales holds its most important festival on 29th June in honour of the patron saint, Peter. There are splendid colourful displays in the streets of the town and a great occasion to take part in. Other fiestas include the 'Romeria de San Isidro' in mid May and the Virgin of the Rosary which is celebrated at the beginning of October.

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